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My name is Bella and iambrownie.com is my brain child. I am a Nigerian girl with an amazingly close connection to my heritage. Now this doesn’t mean I can’t branch out ! As a brown girl, I’m entitled and blessed with numerous personalities and I insist on every one of them being unforgettable. I accept products to be reviewed and featured on my blog but i will only write about products that i like, fit my aesthetic and would recommend to my readers. All words and opinion will be mine regardless ! Again, any products i get to be reviewed will be stated at the Beginning/End of the post. I'm also open to conducting reviews for brands that provide lifestyle services that will be beneficial to my readers, in other words I’m not restricted to beauty or fashion products or experiences. I\’d also love places such as galleries, hubs, retail outlets, cool spaces offering a different experience. If you'll like me to come over, have a feel and possibly do a feature on my blog, hit me up.

My blog has a following across Instagram and Youtube with majority of my readers coming from Nigeria, the UK, the USA and Canada .I appreciate receiving emails from brands that fit my blog’s aesthetic (easy going, eclectic, bohemian, NIGERIAN ) and I am keen to partner with brands and companies that fit in with my blog and that will also appeal to my brownies(readers). I also believe in being 100% transparent and honest with my brownies (readers) and all items marked with two asterisks (**) are either PR samples or gifted items and will always be noted in the specific post. I will only review or endorse items that fit in with my blog’s aesthetic and my opinion on any products sent to me will always be completely my own and are in no way influenced by any companies or brands. I aim to give my readers my true opinion ALWAYS and I will not accept payments, monetary or otherwise for false positive reviews

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