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Who We Are

Easyace Synergy is a corporation charged with the responsibility of eradicating the burden of daily stressful activities, thereby creating electronic platforms through which corporations and individuals can acquire their daily needs and achieve their goals with ease.

Through this esteemed corporation, we have also decided to promote the cashless policy and enhance lives by creating a bridge to link consumers of social amenities to producers of such amenities through an easy online means. This will seal the gaps between desires, needs, wants and the substance to be acquired therefore ensuring ease of purchase, convenience and swift acquisition of needs with piffling efforts.

We are eminently positioned to offer electronic services to our clients whereby we seek not only to meet our expectations but rather to surpass them.


We run to automate the whole universe by..

  • Creating easy access for Customers to meet Producers
  • Creating codes to beat the manual system
  • Making the online packages affordable to engage voluminous participation
  • Cutting down processes to the minimum in the Domestic and Corporate Secto


We were created to automate the manual processes of acheiving a domestic/Corporate goal by creating a comprehensive robust electonic Platform whereby Goals, Dreams, desires, wants will be attained with ease ensuring a High rate of Efficiency and Accuracy.

Our Core Values


One of the Major Values we hold as a Company is simplicity where we ensure convert all complex and inordinate datas into simple designs.


we never give an average service to our customers but ensure that they are treated and attended to adequately


We help individuals and corporation create solutions that will solve all your problems. We also aid in making sure something new is added to each an every service we render


Every staff of Easyace Synergy operates like a Family and not just a Business. Everyone looks out for each other and we always ensure a Harmonious Union Between staffs who are executing a Task


Every Service cannot be twinned as we always make sure we put something different. No customer experience is thesame. We are New every Morning


The Corporation proclaims the Name of Jesus and holds a very strong devotion to the Word of God as we operate basically by adhering to Everything God says, Keeping in mind that He is the Owner of the Business. So all Customers are treated exceedingly right.

Our Clients